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"It is impossible to discourage the real writers - they don't give a damn what you say, they're going to write." ~Sinclair Lewis
About Mystery-Cozy.Com

Themed Cozy Mysteries
Tons of cozy mystery books to purchase, listed in over 23 themes.
You'll find some of your old favorites and some new series that reflect your hobbies or interests.

About Writing Cozies/Mysteries
Articles about cozy mysteries and about writing a cozy mystery.

Mystery Websites
A list of mystery websites, forums, blogs, groups and message boards.
Find others who love cozy mysteries, interact with reading groups
and keep in touch with some of your favorite cozy authors.

Books On Cozies/Writing Mysteries
Great resouces for reading about mysteries and
instructional books to help you write mysteries, some written by your favorite cozy authors.

Power Writer



Writing Dialogue

The Write Place

My Short Stories
Purchase and read a few of my original Short Stories.

Reviews of My Short Stories
Read reviews of my Short Stories, written by customers who've purchased them.

Short Story Articles
Articles written about the craft of writing Short Stories
to help you with your writing career.

Writer's Websites
Websites with resources for writers.
With articles, market listings, research links,
publishers guidelines and writers communities.

Writing Resources
Purchase books about writing, periodicals for writers and
software to help you with your writing career.

Vickie's Beach House
Website Design Service

Located in Bradenton, Florida
We design simple, small-business websites
for local (and not-so local) businesses
who need an online presence.

1976 Marine
Trader Trawler

"1890's" Classic
River Launch

"1890's" Classic
River Launch

Solar Powered
Lake Catamaran

Quiet Craft Yachts

1976 Marine Trader "Gulf Trader" trawler.
Tons of photos and how-to information for those
considering rebuilding an old Taiwan trawler.

Classically modeled after small Electric and Steam Boats
from the late 1800's, the Quiet-Craft Classic River Launch
is designed for two to four people to comfortably
spend the day, cruising and exploring the
Shoreline, Rivers, Creeks or Coves.

The Solar Powered Catamaran is perfect for lakes,
ponds and any other area where the waters are fairly calm
and especially where gas powered boats are not permitted.
A great fishing or exploring boat!

Also check out our
Marine Boating: Supplies and Equipment
page for everything you could possibly
ever need for your boat!

Happy Cruising!!!

Amazon's Kindle
Digital E-Book Reader

Slim, virtually weightless, hand held devices
no larger than a thin paperback,
that hold literally thousands of pieces of reading material
downloaded right into your hand.
And for those of us who love to read,
especially in this on-the-run world,
they're perfect!

Also...if you're trying to decide which reader is right for you,
check out my comparison chart
with all the specs for each device
to help you make the right choice for you.

Ectaco jetBook

iRex iLiad Reader

Kindle DX

Sony Reader

E. James Mulligan

* Nautical * Tropical Plants * Southwest *

Reflecting Florida's West Coast, Southwest Arizona,
Washington State, Hawaii and Annapolis

James Mulligan: artist, ardent golfer and retired physician.
At 100, he still plays golf several times a week
plus provides the world with his artistic talents.

Photovoltaic Energy
PHOTON TECHNOLOGIES is an award winning design
and engineering group located in Bradenton, Florida.
We offer a full range of product development services
and excel in projects that integrate Photovoltaic Solar
and/or LED technologies in your new or revised products.

Power From The Sun
Sunlights' solar panel Laminators are designed to be simple to operate and can be easily adjusted for a wide variety of PV technologies including Crystalline and Thin-Film solar modules.

Also check out our
Solar Powered Energy: Supplies and Equipment
page for everything you could possibly ever need
to utilize the power of sunlight in your life!

Solar Molule Laminator

Solar Tote

Crystalline Panel


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